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Fallout Hobbies Micro LED Lighting Kits are a great way to make your wargaming models visually appealing. 

Each Micro LED Lighting Kit comes with: 

-5 Micro LEDs 

-1 3v Battery Clip with a  built-in switch designed for a CR2032 Coin Cell Battery. 

Soldering is required for attaching the LED wires to the battery clip.

Micro LEDs are designed to work on a 3v power supply. You don’t need resistors unless you’re using a higher voltage power supply. Multiple Micro LEDs  can be connected to a single battery power supply. However, the more LED’s connected, the higher the drain on the battery supply and thus the shorter lifespan of the battery. 1-5 LED’s per battery is optimal, but more can be added. Do not cross positive and negative wires. It will disable the lighting circuit and overheat the battery.

Note About Placement and Base Sizes:

The 3v Battery Clip can fit underneath of a 40mm, 50mm, 60mm base, but requires a 3mm Base Raiser (sold separately)

** This kit will not fit smaller bases such as 25 mm and 32 mm.

Larger models easily have enough internal space to fit the battery clip, but may require modification.

All customizable kits, such as LED lighting, can take up to 3 Business weeks to process.


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