Ron Gamble "Fight Before Christmas Convention"

Fallout Hobbies launched in 2016 from funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign. We're a very niche service, that offers predesigned decals, stencils, and 3D printable STLs to people who are really into tabletop war games and building miniature plastic models. Ron began creating products for his own projects and figured, “If I think it’s cool, other people are going to think it’s cool. When I’m designing these projects, I’m thinking, “Man, this is cool. I’d buy this!”

Since then, a lot has changed! Fallout Hobbies now has over 17K fellow heretics following us on Facebook and 21.8K followers on Instagram. We design stencils, waterslide decals, and 3D printable accessories. We launched our sister site, Chapter Customizer, to create a one-stop-shop for model makers or gamers to acquire aftermarket products, bringing their favorite lesser-known chapters to life on the tabletop. We wanted to honor the legacy of the known lore and provide an outlet for modelers to build armies with such a vision.

Then Spacenoid was created to share aftermarket 3D-printed Gundam kits and stencils in 1/100 and 1/44 scale. These kits are popular among Mecha anime fans and model enthusiasts. The MG Gundam Heavy Arms kit and popular stencils like our 1/100 scale Digi camo are favorites among Fallout Hobbies customers too. Spacenoid products were absorbed into Fallout Hobbies inventory and can be found alongside your other favorite products.

The most recent endeavor is our sister store Modelwerks, which is a project of the heart and a true passion. It was crafted for detailed 3D-printable STL kits and conversions that aren't available anywhere else. It's meant for Trek fanboys and old-school model builders. A great place to find out what Modelwerks is creating and releasing is through the Fan Page or joining the Away Team.

Fallout Hobbies recently celebrated over 18K orders! The store keeps growing and growing—we’re always designing new products. Of course, with all this growth, we’ve brought on extra staff to help with the huge volume of orders. We appreciate the hobby community that has supported us from our very humble beginnings.

So we show our appreciation by donating our products to support charity games and offer prize support to tournaments. Most recently we hosted the "Winter Hobby Fest" fundraiser during the COVID-19 pandemic to support Doctors Without Borders, Operation Blessing, To Write Love On Her Arms, and The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We believe in the privilege and power of giving. 

Another initiative we launched is our Military Rewards program to honor past and present service members both at home and abroad and the Commission Painters Rewards Discount program. These programs are available through Fallout Hobbies and Chapter Customizer.

We’ve been blessed with a community that has grown around Fallout Hobbies and we love sharing tips, tricks, and camaraderie within our private Customer Creations group. It’s been amazing getting to see our products used in ways we’d never even thought of before! Getting to interact with everyone during our LIVE stream has been so much fun for us.

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If you need to contact us for anything, we’re available through support@fallouthobbies.com.