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  • 3D Printables Every month, you will get access to a new series of ready-to-3D-Print bases, bits, or conversions.
  • Access the Fallout Hobbyist Guild Community will be the best way to share your thought, ideas, and requests for new products and designs. Exclusive polls to have your say on our future releases!
  • Monthly Newsletter a members-only bulletin featuring new products, community projects, promotions, exclusive offers, work in progress, and various Fallout Hobbies insider information.
  • Includes Discord Benefits A great place to talk to us in person and share your thoughts and requests. Discover a group of like-minded hobbyists to chat with!
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS apply. In summary, STL files and content remain our property. They are licensed to you for commercial use. You cannot distribute or sell the files or derivative products, but you may create and sell 3D printed kits. Read all Merchant License Terms.