Sentry Gun STL Terrain kit

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FOH Terrain STL kits are a modular comprehensive set of files that contain files you’ll need to deck your game table out in style.

This is a modular sentry gun file collection with all you need build out a fortified section of your game table. This is the first part of the new line of 3D printable terrain kits that will be modular and interconnect with each other.

Included in the bundle:

Heavy Flame Cannon

Heavy Plasma Cannon

Gatling Cannon

Repeater Cannon

Floodlight Cannon

Missile Launcher with 3x or 5x missile options

4x Damaged Wall Sections

1x Clean Wall Section (Print 4 times for a octagonal wall)  

1x Pillbox Roof Section (Print 4 times for a full Pill Box)