Mariners Blight Jump Infantry STL Set

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Mariners Blight is a Nautical Lovecraftian inspired 28mm wargaming army. 

This first installment of Mariners Blight is the standard core infantry figures. They are multi-piece and allow for various weapons builds.

There’s options for Corrupted and Non-Corrupted pieces to add an extra thematic element if desired.

The Mariners Blight Infantry STL Set includes the following:

Non-Corrupted Parts

6x Heads

3x Jump Packs

5x Torsos

6x Pairs of Shoulder Pads

5x Pairs of Running Legs

4x Single-Handed Pistol Weapon Arms

3x power sword arm poses for left and right arms

3x tooth sword arm poses for left and right arms


Corrupted Parts

5x Pairs of Corrupted Shoulder Pads

6x Corrupted Heads

5x Corrupted Running Legs