TERRAIN LED Lighting Kit

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Similar to the Vehicle kit, but with different 3D printed LED lens covers and flashing Amber LED’s included as well as many assorted additional LEDs, Batt clip, Switch, Fiber optic cable and drill bit. Perfect for your wargaming buildings!

All LEDs have transistors built-in and are pre-wired for up to 9v applications so you're good to go:)

All customizable kits, such as LED lighting, can take up to 3 Business weeks to process.

Terrain Lighting Kit comes with:
• 2x Amber Blinking 3mm LEDs
• 4x White 3mm LEDs
• 5x Assorted LEDs: amber, red, blue, white, green
  (for interior and Fiber-optic illumination)
• 6' of Fiber-optic filament
• Battery clip / Switch
• 3D Printed LED light covers for light fixtures
• Micro drill bit for Fiber-optic insertion

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