Twin Sons Acrylic Paint 20ml Bottle

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Have you heard about zenithal shifts? No? Because we just invented them! Zenithal shifts are Turboshift colors that appear different when you use them over white or black basecoats. Apply it over white, get one color, apply it over black, get another different complementary color. If you use zenithal undercoats, i.e. fading from black on the undersides to white on the top parts of a model, you will get a beautiful colorful transition in just one paint! Or try dry brushing white over black, before applying our zenithal shifts, to have those white edges colorfully stand out from the now differently colored black recesses. Get Shifty features two of these amazing new colors: Prism Power, and Twin Sons.

Twin Sons is our take on a certain big mini company's “First Legion” armor paint scheme, but all done in one bottle. Light blue/ turquoise with gold highlights when used over white, down to a green/teal/gold over black.

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