Heavy Gatling Gun (Single Gatling Gun) 1/100

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Some parts printed at 25 micron out of detail grey resin, durable parts printed in 50 micron out of tough grey resin. Pieces are designed to be sackable to create single or dual gatling cannons. This is quite a large gun, pieces are printed hollow to reduce weight, but certain models may still need additional support to be posed properly.

What is SLA Printing?

Stereolithography (SL) is one of several methods used to create 3D-printed objects. It's the process by which a uniquely designed 3D printing machine, called a stereolithograph apparatus (SLA) converts liquid plastic into solid objects. 

In layman's terms, we print 3D pieces using a liquid resin that cures when it's hit with a high-intensity UV laser. After the print has cured, we clean away the 3D support frames and nubs from printing and do minor clean-up work before packaging. The end result is smoother and higher detailed than most filament based printing.

Preparation and Assembly

SLA printed kits require assembly and painting. Standard superglues work well to attach parts, and standard plastic primer works well to prep the surface before painting.

There is no need to clean parts like you would need to with resin cast pieces as there are no mold release agents involved or casting.

All 3D Printed Aftermarket Kits take at least 3 Business Weeks to Produce.

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