Ukraine Saints

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Show your support for Ukraine by decking out your tanks or terrain with these saints as you head into battle on the Tabletop! Sizes featured include 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm high, perfect for areas on your tank or tank doors. The largest row includes 50 mm high decals for the top hatch on your tanks.

Saints Featured:

Saint Olga of Kyiv - Ukraine's Patron Saint of Defiance and Vengeance, remains a controversial figure whose legend lives on for 1000 years after her death. Before she proselytized Christianity, she was born to Viking parents and married Prince Igor. She is better known for her bone-chilling rampage to protect her young son and avenge her husband's savage murder. Rumor has it, Olga may have been one of several historical inspirations for George R.R. Martin when he wrote fictional events in Game of Thrones and the character Cersei Lannister. Either way, she reminds us that weddings are basically bad, and the patriarchy isn't required for her brutal brand of leadership.

Saint Michael The Archangel - St. Michael isn't a saint, but rather he is an angel. He's known best as a spiritual warrior in the battle of good versus evil and considered a champion of justice and healer of the sick. Saint Michael the Archangel remains a key intercession figure among those who need comfort in their greatest hour of need.

Saint Emilian Kovch was a Ukrainian man, a husband, father, and Greek Catholic priest. (Though the Greek Catholic Church is in union with Rome, it has some different disciplines; married men in this rite may be ordained priests.) He dedicated his life to helping Jewish people during World War II. Having stared down a mob of Nazis, Kovch ran inside a burning synagogue to save the people inside. To save as many Jewish people from the death camps as he could, Kovch began baptizing them. Despite growing pressure from the occupying force and the dangers he incurred by a letter he wrote to Adolf Hitler denouncing his fascist policies, Kovch survived a year and a half before his arrest in 1942. He served people of all faiths in the concentration camp, celebrating Mass, hearing confessions, and providing counsel and compassion until his death in 1944.

So, decorate your tanks and terrain with decals and support Ukraine since 75% of proceeds to benefit Nova Ukraine automatically (not including shipping costs). We keep 25% to cover our production expenses for decal paper and ink. Nova Ukraine (46-5335435) is a Ukraine-based non-profit that provides civilians with everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies.

ATTENTION: This decal sheet is printed mirrored with a white overprint. When applying the decal, please flip the film over so the white ink is underneath the color side on the model. This print process is required in order for the decal to be visible and vibrant on dark surfaces.