Mariners Blight Infantry STL Set

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Mariners Blight is a Nautical Lovecraftian inspired 28mm wargaming army. 

This first installment of Mariners Blight is the standard core infantry figures. They are multi-piece and allow for various weapons builds.

There’s options for Corrupted and Non-Corrupted pieces to add an extra thematic element if desired.

The Mariners Blight Infantry STL Set includes the following:

Non-Corrupted Parts

8x Heads

6x Backpacks

6x Torsos

6x Pairs of Shoulder Pads

5x Legs

4x Different Ranged Weapon Arms

4x Single-Handed Pistol Weapon Arms

Corrupted Parts

5x Pairs of Corrupted Shoulder Pads

7x Corrupted Heads

5x Corrupted Legs

1x Pair of Corrupted Crab Claw Hands